A range of activities are available in the Home which you can attend if you so desire. However, the activity can also involve spending time individually with residents who do not wish to participate in group activities.

The Activities Programme is published weekly in the dayroom and every effort is made to provide a varied and stimulating programme. We constantly seek feedback and respond to the requests / needs of our residents. Relatives or friends of residents are encouraged to participate in activities and indeed to organise them.

Are there parking facilities ?

The car park outside the main entrance is free and is open seven days a week. Designated spaces are provided for disabled parking permit holders.

Can I view the Facility?

Ask for Brian O’Connor


A chiropodist will visit the home at the resident’s expense.


All information obtained by the Home in the process of delivering a residents care is deemed as confidential. Confidential information will not be passed on to any others who are not responsible for the care of the resident. All staff are aware of our confidentiality policy and are required to sign a Confidentiality Statement prior to being employed in the Home.

Dietary Requirements

All meals are made fresh on the day of serving. We attempt to accommodate all likes and dislikes and will endeavour to attend to any dietary requirements.


We have a hairdresser who visits the Home. Each resident is responsible for the cost of the hairdressing.


Please inform the nurse of any optical or dental requirements you might have and arrangements will be made to accommodate you.

Personal Items

At Blarney we hope that our residents will feel completely at home, and therefore we strongly recommend residents who are planning to stay for longer periods of time, to personalise their rooms. Any favourite pieces of furniture, television, ornaments, photographs, etc would be ideal for this and we certainly arrange to have pictures, plates etc put up on the wall if required. The only requirement is that all furniture is fire retardant. This can be discussed prior to admission


Each situation will be looked a sympathetically, it may not always be possible to have all pets catered for but we will assess each situation on its own merits.


If a resident requires physiotherapy, the nurse will arrange this for you through your GP . This cost will be borne by the resident.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Dignity

You have a right to privacy and have confidences respected. The preservation of residents’ dignity is critical. Residents shall be treated as individuals and not be subject to institutionalised timetables. Nursing care will be professionally delivered and person centred. Dignity will be preserved in all areas of nursing care, provision of daily care, dining experience and laundry.

Religious Services

We aim to cater for the religious needs of our residents in so far as is practicable while ensuring that the expression of such faiths does not impinge of the rights of other residents. This might involve organizing transport/carer (at residents own cost) to a place of worship. Clergy of all denominations are welcome at any time and regular services (Mass/ Sunday Communion) are held at the home. Should you wish us to contact your priest or minister, please do not hesitate to ask.

Residents Representative Group

We strongly encourage residents to attend resident meetings within the Home. These meetings play an active and important role in the running of the Home. Issues discussed at these meetings are those which relate to the greater good for all residents. Specific issues relating to individual residents should be discussed on a day-to-day basis with the care staff or Person in Charge


All external therapies eg. Physiotherapy/Chiropody will be provided by appropriately qualified and vetted staff whose qualifications /registration are kept on file. Regular consultation/supervision will be carried by nursing staff.


There are no set visiting times at the Home and visitors are welcome to drop in at any time throughout the day. For privacy and security reasons we would ask visitors to refrain from visiting between 10pm at night and 10am in the morning. However, if someone is ill there is no restriction on visiting unless there is a specific request from the resident. The wishes of each resident regarding receiving visitors will be respected and will be monitored by the nurse in charge.

What are the visiting hours for the Home ?

We welcome visitors to the Home and realise the importance of such visits for the well being of our residents. People in care settings also require times for privacy, peace and quiet. In a situation where a resident is ill, families are free to remain with the person, as they wish. At other times nursing staff may make specific requests for people to leave an area for a time, to facilitate the nurses in their care for the residents. Next of kin/representative may visit at any time. Children must be supervised at all times.

Your Doctor

Your family doctor may continue to care for you, visiting you in the Home as necessary. If you have moved outside your doctor’s area it may be necessary for you to register with another GP. If this is necessary, we will discuss the matter fully with you and/or your family.